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nose: sandalwood, tobacco, fennel, dark fruits (dark plum, blackberry, cassis), black pepper, chocolate palate: strawberry, tobacco, plum, spices, cloves, pepper, mint, meaty but also very delicate notes: One of the best wine’s I’ve ever had. Region: Veneto, Italy; varietal: Corvina blend (Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara); Available at Italian Wine Merchants.

From the NY Times Dining & Wine section today:

Burgers and red wine make a killer pair, especially when done right. And a properly assembled burger should be greater than the sum of its parts. This recipe is excellent because although the ingredients individually compliment each other, when all combined they are stellar. Baking the patties also allows them to marinate in their drippings, […]

We recently dined at the newly opened Pizzeria Ortica, Chef David Myers’ Italian venture into the fairly untapped Orange County, CA market. One of two new restaurants this highly acclaimed LA chef is opening right across from South Coast Plaza (a second Comme Ça is scheduled to open in September). Given that this restaurant has […]

Until recently, I did not understand the significant role omega-3 fatty acids play in a healthy diet. Upon digging deeper, I discovered that these compounds are so vital to heart health, since they reduce clotting of the blood. Unfortunately, much of the processed food we eat is loaded with omega-6’s, which actually compete with omega-3’s. […]

I recently went for cocktails at DC’s newest and best kept little secret on U Street, The Gibson. Tucked away behind a door without a sign and guarded by a humble yet beautifully dressed doorman, this speakeasy is easily the best new place in DC for anyone who appreciates the art of mixology. The menu […]

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