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Recipe: Serves 4 4 fresh cage free eggs, vinegar, 1 baguette (sliced diagonally into 8 pieces), 1 garlic clove, 1 tbsp butter, 1 leek (chopped), lemon zest, 1/4 cup vegetable stock, 1 cup pecorino romano (shaved), salt, pepper Heat tbsp butter in a pan over medium heat, add leek and saute until it begins to […]

We have not yet had the pleasure of trying the Cirque de Fromage since it is on Tuesday evenings and we live over an hour’s drive south of Glendale.  Nevertheless, we have had some of the cheeses and it is always an adventure to try a couple new creamy delicacies at the end of our […]

Semifreddo (“half-frozen”) is an Italian form of ice cream custard – it is extravagantly decadent, but incredibly simple to make. I made this recipe with some fresh figs my parents sent from their garden in California, but you can really experiment with any flavors you love- just make sure you keep it simple and don’t […]

The Story behind Fifteen: Fifteen Foundation is a non-profit organization which was started up by British chef, Jamie Oliver. His mission was to take in and inspire disadvantaged kids– homeless, unemployed, overcoming drug or alcohol problems – to believe that they could create for themselves great careers in the restaurant industry. Each year, in the […]

… dine as the Hungarians do: pálinka, gulyasleves, paprikas csirke, pálinka, more paprikas csirke, Egri Bikaver, palacsinta, pálinka, Tokaji, pálinka. Needless to say, our family (like all Hungarians) do not take lightly the task of enjoying company on beautiful summer afternoons in Budapest and Eger. On a recent trip to visit, I was able to […]