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I love New York, everyone loves New York. But the reason I love it most is that on any given day, you can find yourself wandering around the city lost and perfectly content because every corner, alley, sidewalk and basement contains something unique and remarkable for you to discover about food and culture. This one […]

This is one of my favorite Jamie Oliver salads of all time. The Moroccan dish combines roast carrots with avocados with the chargrilled flavor and crunch of toasted ciabatta to round things off. With spices, seeds, sour cream and a delicious citrus dressing, it’s a total winner! Recipe: Serves 6. 1 bunch medium differently colored […]

It all started a few years ago, at Momofuku Ssäm Bar. Pork has always been my gastronomic religion, but never more so than after trying David Chang’s signature pork bun, in which he plays with the classic Chinese pork bun, retaining its pillowy white wrapping, adding crisp cucumbers and scallions, and transforming it into an […]

nose:  wood, strawberry, raspberry, herbs, minerals, cloves palate:  raspberry, red currant, tobacco, orange peel; crisp and silky, subtle tannins, long finish notes: region- Châteauneuf du Pape, Southern Rhone, France; varietal- Grenache Noir (65%), Mourvedre (15%), Syrah (15%), Cinsault, Cairette and others (5%); techniques used- malolactic fermentation. Available at Vignobles Brunier and Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant.