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With our time off during the holidays, the three of us took the opportunity to venture out and discover some new places in downtown LA. One of our favorite new spots is a restaurant on Fairfax aptly named Animal Restaurant. When we heard that the two laid back Floridian culinary graduates, who previously worked under […]

ie… fried salt cod and potato gaufrettes with garlic aioli. We made these brandade fritters on Christmas Eve when we had a lot of company over. Although time consuming, they paid off and everyone loved them. They are great with this aioli sauce (which should always be made at home and fresh- it’s fantastic!), but […]

nose:  cherry, pomegranate, plum, aromatic spices, violets, smoke palate:  ripe fruits, lush dark berries, tobacco, sharp tannins notes:  region- Barbaresco, Piedmont; varietal- 100% Nebbiolo; maceration on skins in steel fermentors for 2 weeks, aged 24 months in Slovenian oak casks; available at

Ingredients: 1 medium-size pomegranate 1 medium-size lime 1 1/2 cups good-quality vodka Instructions: Cut pomegranate into quarters. Fill a medium-size bowl two-thirds full with water and with hands submerged separate seeds from peel and membrane (in water the seeds will sink and membrane will float making them easier to separate). Discard peel and pith. Spread […]