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Between spending time at Ansonia, eating out with friends, and throwing dinner parties with my family, I am drinking so much wine these days it’s hard to keep up with writing about all of them on the blog. But here is a list of some of the best ones I’ve had over the last few […]

Simple, refreshing, adorable… and a perfect palate cleanser after a rich meal! (we made it after stuffing our friends with bistecca fiorentina and bagna cauda).. Of course, my advice is only make this dessert in the summer, when watermelon and peaches are in season and can be found at the local farmers market. Ingredients: 1 […]

We adapted this recipe from the one in Molto Italiano. Batali’s version used chicken and goat cheese, but we opted for a more luxurious filling with sweet Italian sausages and ricotta. We also used dried mushrooms in the filling, rather than fresh mushrooms, because they have a much more intense earthy flavor. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons […]

Last weekend I finally got the chance to dine at A16 in San Francisco (where I have been dying to go since it first opened)… and the experience was well worth the wait. For starters, the restaurant is located in the Marina district, a very lively and boisterous area with a view of the sailboats […]

Last weekend while visiting our little sister, Maggie, in San Francisco, I headed to Napa with a few friends for the day to indulge in some casual wine tasting (note: I’ve been to Piedmont and Burgundy where “wine tasting” means sipping, gurgling and spitting anywhere from 50-100 different wines everyday for 8 hours a day- that’s serious […]

The Cuban is one of my favorite sandwiches of all time.  This take on the classic version is great because the endives and Belgian cheeses add a bitter and pungent element to the sandwich, which contrasts nicely with the salty prosciutto and sour pickles.  Chimay cheese is washed with the same beer the Trappist Monks […]