Try this…Age Your Own


 So I’ve had this love/hate thing with steakhouses.  On one end, I can’t stand the rape and pillage philosophy of their wine mark ups but I love the bone in cuts, crusty exteriors, and depth of flavor that I couldn’t quite replicate at home….until now. Thanks to an episode of Good Eats and an impulse to buck the system, I went for it and aged my own meat.  Needless to say, it was extremely easy and the benefit was more than worth it.  Before starting the process I purchased two identical steaks (grass fed rib eyes, 2 lbs. each).  I ate one immediately and aged the second steak for consumption 1 week later.  The cooking technique was the same, 18/10 stainless pan cranked high and mighty with the protein only receiving a pat down and a healthy dose of sea salt. The outcomes were worlds apart.  The aged steak had a deeper beefy flavor but was more tender than the straight from the butcher cut.  Given how simple the rig set-up for the aging process was, this is my new go-to technique for a steakhouse quality steak without the ridiculous markups.  Now I can save the steakhouse wine tax while drinking a Barolo and adding an additional bottle to my Barolo collection.  Give it a shot…you’ll be amazed and your wine cellar will grow in the process.  Here’s a link to the Good Eats recipe.

Basically, you take your steak, wrap it in a paper towel and place it on a rack that you created by pushing some skewers through a pie tin. 

Drying rack

 You place your contraption in the fridge and the refrigeration process draws moisture from the meat.  Every day, you replace the paper towel.  By the 7th day, you have a bona fide aged steak.  Fire it up (I’ll let you figure out your own cooking method…Good Eats went with the chimney setup but an ultra hot pan worked for me), rest the meat, and enjoy.


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