About Us

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” – Virginia Woolf


Christy Erickson


Christy grew up in Los Angeles with her parents, Anna and Richard, and her two sisters, Susie and Maggie. She attended UCLA as an undergraduate and majored in English Literature and Political Science. After graduating, she went onto law school at American University in Washington DC. During law school she studied international and environmental law.

Christy is currently living and working in the wine department at Christie’s auction house in New York City. In her free time she loves cooking, art and photography, traveling, and reading. She has traveled extensively in many of France and Italy’s notable wine regions, including Piedmont, Friuli, Tuscany, Burgundy, Rhone, and Languedoc. Her dream is to one day own a wine bar and write about food and wine.


Susie Anon

Susie is the oldest of the Erickson family girls. She graduated from UCLA as an undergraduate in 2000, where she majored in Geography and Environmental Studies. She then went onto graduate school at UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School for Environmental Science and Management. After graduating, she and her now-husband moved to Irvine, where Susie began working for a land development consulting firm as a wildlife biologist.

Today, Susie works for the Irvine Ranch Conservancy as a field ecologist. She loves her job and is very happily married to Albert. In her free time she promotes environmental awareness and stands in as Albert’s sous chef. She loves to travel, eat and bird-watch.

Albert Anon


Albert grew up in Downy, CA, with his two awesome Cuban parents, Manny and Maria, along with his grandparents and loving family. Albert also attended UCLA as an undergraduate, where he studied Economics and History. After working in Santa Barbara for a few years, Albert went back to school at UC Irvine to get his MBA.

Albert currently lives in Santa Ana with Susie and works for Johnson & Johnson as a marketing executive. He loves all things soccer, sake, food and music.  Susie and Albert have spent a significant amount of time studying wine in Santa Barbara, Napa, Willamette, and Piedmont, Italy.

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