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My strawberry patch After two years on the waiting list, I finally received a plot at the Anthill Village Community Garden near the University of California, Irvine campus.  When I chose the plot in February of this year, it was a weedy mess with a few things to salvage including a dismal-looking strawberry patch in one […]

This Thanksgiving, with a much smaller number of mouths to feed (10, rather than the usual 20-30 at my family’s house), we opted for a different take on the traditional turkey.  I called Marlow & Daughters a few weeks in advance to see what options they had for the upcoming holiday.  Upon the first utterance […]

This incredibly easy bread soup from Jamie Oliver’s book, Jamie at Home, is all about celebrating the changing seasons and the king of winter veg- cabbage. It’s layered a little bit like a lasagne, with grilled bread and cabbage in stock, and as it cooks it plumps up like bread and butter pudding. I used […]

Though I haven’t quite gotten around to making everything I set out to do since my last workshare, I have had time to play around with the watermelon radishes I brought home.  Having eaten several of the raw (I eat them like apples), I decided to preserve a few for future use (read banh mi […]

This weekend I did another workshare at Clagett Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. You can see my previous post for more details about the incredible farm and amazing people that work there. As we begin to enter Fall (my favorite season), we are seeing some great and exciting produce coming out of the farms in […]

In celebration of Susie’s birthday last weekend, we decided to launch an experiment baking Momofuku’s notorious Crack Pie. I’ve been to Momofuku Ssam and Milk Bar several times, though admittedly I’ve never tried the crack (I can never convince myself to pass up the captain crunch milk shake!). But given that everyone from Ashton Kutcher […]

  A lot of people hold the misconception that Bouillabaisse is difficult to make, most likely because its French and it involves fish. The truth is, its really just all about the stock. If you can get the soup base right, you can throw in just about any white fleshed fish or shellfish and come […]